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Coronavirus Update

We have cancelled all volunteering days until further notice. This follows the advice of the Government and also similar actions by the Woodland Trust and other organisations who coordinate volunteer days.

Please do not come to the Tree nurseries on our usual Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Sundays, indeed any day! We will continue to have staff attend the tree nurseries to ensure our trees keep growing.

Office work will not cease and so we will be continuing to accept tree dedications, carbon mitigation donations, membership requests and answering all enquires including approving woodland planting sites for the coming winter.

Once this has blown over we'll immediately start posting volunteering days. Meanwhile, please continue to follow us on Facebook and tell all your friends what a fantastic job we're doing!

Events Diary

Events Coming Up

Events Diary


If travelling independently please note:

  • The start time is 11.00 am in all cases.  We work from 11.00 am – 4.30 pm and visit different sites each week.


  • To confirm details of times and locations please contact Jon Brock on 07587 069169.


  • A minibus service from Plymouth is available. This leaves from 89 Houndiscombe Road, which is left of the Baptist Church on Mutley Plain in Plymouth at 9.00 am.


  • Please contact Brian Daniel on 07816 633455 or to let us know if you are planning to come on the bus.


  • Lifts from Exeter can usually be arranged.
Events Diary


Every week at Broadley Nursery near South Brent 12.30 to 4.30 pm.

Please contact Jon Covey on 07792 359260 or for more  information.

Events Diary


Most weeks at Dartington Nursery 10.00 to 5.00 pm

Please contact Brian Daniel on 07816 633455 or for more  information.

What to Bring

  • warm clothing (layers are best as you get warm planting trees!)
  • an extra fleece to put on at lunchtime (optional)
  • waterproof outer clothes that you don't mind getting muddy (we wear a cheap kagoule and old waterproof trousers)
  • warm hat
  • wellies or strong outdoor boots
  • gardening gloves (optional - can be supplied)
  • a packed lunch
  • water bottle
  • a large plastic bag to put muddy waterproofs/footwear in at end of day.
Tea/coffee and cake are provided.
We have a large selection of spades, mallets etc. so no need to bring any tools. Just yourself!

Seasonal Tasks

January – March

January – March

Tree planting at various sites around South Devon, with up to 7,000 trees to be planted.

We will also be working in the nurseries on Tuesdays – lifting trees and lining out seedlings.

April - July

April - July

Finalising any planting, taking down the tea tent and generally tidying away until next winter. Some previous planting sites will need a bit of TLC to ensure the trees are growing well.

Nursery beds will require digging and clearing ready for the next lot of seedlings.

This year we will be carrying out improvements to the huts at both main nurseries, so we will be looking for handy carpenters!

August - October

August - October

Seed gathering season. Various groups will be out in the countryside, picking and gathering berries and seeds. These will then need to be processed and stored suitably, or planted straight into the ground.

November - December

November - December

We will start planting once the trees are dormant, sometimes mid-November. Lots to plant this year at a range of sites so the more the merrier!


The Old School Centre
Totnes Road
South Brent
TQ10 9BP


01364 649 277

Charitable Status

Moor Trees is a charity
Registered No. 1081142

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