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By considering their impact on the environment and society many companies are looking to give something back.  Moor Trees has been fortunate enough to be chosen by philanthropic businesses who donate part of their profits to our charity, helping us to grow and plant more trees.

Trees which will grow and become native woodland help to prevent flooding, provide habitat for precious woodland wildlife, and connect your countryside, giving wildlife a better chance of adapting to climate change.

If your company would like to make a real difference to the local environment please become a Corporate Sponsor and help us increase woodland cover in Devon.

You can make a single payment, or pay monthly or annually.  Your contribution can give your company some tax relief as donations are deductible from a company’s total profits in the year in which the donations are made.  Alternatively if the monies come from you, as a tax paying individual in the UK, we can claim gift aid adding 25% to your valuable contribution.

We look forward to you joining our corporate sponsors below.

Our Corporate Sponsors

Doyle & Whitley

I read an article last year which stated that to halt climate breakdown every human needed to plant 150 trees each. How they came up to that number & is it accurate doesn’t matter. The point is, it felt achievable.

I decided to embark my son (2 at the time) on the mission. We started in our back garden with a hazelnut tree. Then with a bunch of elder trees. After that initial start, I found some planting days online and we started joining volunteers on the weekends. That’s when I realised it could be achieved a lot sooner than expected.

But the real amazement happened when my son found an acorn; we placed it in a pot on the window sill in the kitchen. The beauty of seeing it sprout and grow into a seedling is beyond words. I know it might sound exaggerated & we all know acorns grow into small trees and small trees into big trees.

But witnessing the process, seeing how easily we can support it is deeply satisfying. Especially when you know how engineeringly speaking trees are state of the art air purifiers. No matter what new science and technology comes up with; it will never come close to the simplicity, efficiency and diversity that trees bring.

Moor Trees’s vision is clear, ambitious and attainable. To top it all it’s on our doorstep! So we want to do our part; on a personal level (volunteering to plant) and professionally (with this fund raising campaign).


Vannucchi is a modern, slow fashion jewellery brand that uses a contemporary blend of woods and metals.

Specialising in luxury, ethically created jewellery, which has been designed and handcrafted by our founder Dani Ellingham.

Aware of the impact of fast fashion, we have actively worked to create a more sustainable alternative, which still has the luxurious modern feel that you are looking for.

To meet our goal enabling a better future for generations to come, we are actively reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the Moor Trees mission.

Doyle & Whitley

Babl Eco Store is an environmentally conscious retail company offering zero waste, plastic free and other environmentally friendly products at affordable prices. Our mission is to make sustainable living accessible to everyone.

We are so grateful to be able to support Moor Trees on their native tree planting journey! We want to support them because planting trees helps revitalise our environment and helps bring communities together. Thank you for letting us support you.


Heckwood aim to be more than just a clothing brand. Not only have we adopted the outdoor life-style, but we share the stories and experiences of the land around us by reaching out to those who know it best. Heckwood provides exploration journals and articles on peoples’ adventures with the land. We heavily feature Dartmoor and Devon in particular, but the same message of appreciation goes beyond the Southwest. We ensure that all of our garments are made with durable fabrics in an ethical fashion.

We also believe in our products like our forests, and they should have the longevity they deserve. The Heckwood main collection will sustain a certified organic cotton range as we know the importance of sustainability but also responsibility. That’s why we will donate to Moor Trees on selected items sold from our online collection to the Moor Trees organisation.


If you might be interested in becoming a Moor Trees Corporate Sponsor contact our Director, Adam Owen:

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