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The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of our modern society are a major contributor to rapid climate change.

Growing trees lock up carbon from the atmosphere, releasing it only slowly as they die and decompose on the forest floor. Marine algae do the same in the seas.  If these plants are fossilised as coal or oil that carbon is locked into the earth for millions of years but when burned, it is rapidly released into the air, causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and significant climatic changes to take place.

It’s not possible to truly ‘offset’ carbon emissions or become ‘carbon neutral’ by planting trees. The concentrated carbon released from fossil fuels would need to be balanced by many millions of trees, growing at an impossibly rapid rate to absorb that much carbon, that quickly.

However, we would like companies and individuals to become aware of their carbon footprint by joining us as Carbon Partners, committing to take action to reduce emissions, and to plant trees to help reduce the impact of those emissions that are unavoidable.

How Can I Help?

By supporting woodland restoration, you will be helping to absorb some of the excess CO2 in the atmosphere, as well as providing habitat for a wide range of very special wildlife, and giving it a better chance of adapting to climate change.

Firstly, work out your carbon footprint using the calculator opposite.  Based on this, you can make an annual donation, which provides us with essential funds to plant trees and carry out our work.  This is one part of your contribution to tackling global warming.

The mix of trees we plant, with smaller shrub species involved, means that we quote 4 trees per ton of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) , equivalent to 15 trees per ton of pure Carbon (C).  So if a family produced 10 tons of CO2 per annum, they would need to plant 40 trees each year as part of a native mix.

The basic cost is £5 per tree, but the more you commit to plant, the less we will charge per tree.

For a business this commitment to examine your carbon footprint would also help with your status as an ISO 4001 company.  Use your own industry standards to calculate your CO2 emissions and then talk to us about how we can help with our planting programmes.

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