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The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of our modern society are a major contributor to rapid climate change.  There is no doubt that as individuals we add to this, and our desire for consumerism increases our impact.

Many companies are very socially and environmentally aware and looking for ways to mitigate for the carbon they use in operating their business, no matter how big or small.  Whilst is not possible to truly ‘offset’ carbon emissions or become ‘carbon neutral’ by planting trees, it does help.

In the UK there is so little woodland cover that any tree planting will help, not only to lock up carbon as they grow and mature, our new native woodlands will help to prevent flooding, provide habitat for precious woodland wildlife and, by expanding the area and connectivity of woodland, give wildlife a better chance of adapting to climate change.

If your company would like to make a real difference to the local environment please become a Carbon Partner and help us increase woodland cover in Devon.

You can make a single payment, or pay monthly or annually.  Your contribution will be counted as Gift Aid, increasing your donation by 25% and giving you some tax relief as donations are deductible from a company’s total profits in the year in which the donations are made.

See our Carbon page for more details on how to calculate your carbon footprint, work out how many trees to plant and how much it would cost.

We look forward to you joining our carbon partners below.

Our Carbon Partners

Doyle & Whitley

At Doyle & Whitley, project management experience meets traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design with our talented, motivated workforce. All backed by efficient logistics, strict quality control and a passion for sustainable solutions.

We manage and build architecturally intelligent, structurally complex and aesthetically pleasing projects across Cornwall and the South West. From individual dream homes to public buildings. We love our work and only use other tradespeople who feel the same way.

With founders Tom Whitley & Will Doyle’s broad range of experience and qualifications in carpentry, construction and engineering, project integrity is paramount, and the aim is always the same: over deliver on expectation.

We relieve you of your travel worries.
Our friendly guides ensure you don’t miss-out on the fascinating facts.
Our carefully-crafted routes take you to both the classic sights and lesser-known locations.
And our business model reduces your journey’s environmental impact.
It sounds good, doesn’t it? Find out more about our award-winning experiences at
TreeWise (Cornwall)

TreeWise (Cornwall) are a highly qualified & experienced team of Tree Care Specialists. We feel it is our purpose and responsibility to provide a tree care service that demonstrates our awareness of the ecological and anthropological importance of trees and so work responsibly and compasssionately with both the trees and the wider environment.

Based in both Penryn (Falmouth) and Penzance (Marazion) allows us to effectively serve the whole of Cornwall though of course we are happy to work further afield…

Red Earth

We are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that work with the natural environment. So that not only do you find the peace and tranquillity you need, but also take comfort in the knowledge that your garden is creating habitat for local wildlife.

Red Earth Landscaping brings together over 20 years experience in garden & woodland design in a unique way that focuses on gardening sustainably. We offer a full garden design process, from ideas on management & control, to developing beautiful collections of plants in formal or naturalised settings with those added magical finishing touches.

We love working with natural materials to create beautiful buildings, pergolas, seating, steps and walls and frequently use local stone and locally grown and harvested larch and sweet chestnut. We also offer a comprehensive garden service.

TreeWise (Cornwall)

Cosmic is a social enterprise with the vision “to inspire people to achieve success in the digital world.” In a world where success relies on the ability to use digital technologies effectively, it is increasingly important that everyone has the support, skills and motivation to make the most of these resources.

Cosmic provides an innovative range of services and support to help people identify their Digital need and to progress with their ambitions. We do this in a uniquely kind, friendly and inspiring way.

As a social enterprise, we measure our success by our ability to deliver social impact, guided by ethics and values. We look to deliver annual success by focusing on the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Prosperity. We seek to deliver a balanced outcome for our beneficiaries, staff, communities, economy and the environment.

We are acutely aware of the global climate crisis, and we are taking great steps to reduce our impact through changing our daily activities. We acknowledge that tree-planting in an ethical and local way can be a valid part of mitigating our carbon use, whilst we undergo a reduction in our emissions. We wish to support Moor Trees in their honourable mission to look after our local habitats in Devon.


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