How Many Trees Do You Need?

You will need 2 trees per tonne of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e).  So simply work out the amount of CO2 you have used and multiply by 2.  This will give you the total number of trees to purchase to mitigate for your carbon use over the life time of the trees.

Remember, if you are wishing to mitigate for your carbon footprint each year, for example your annual car mileage or taking an annual holiday, you will need to plant trees every year.

If you wish to mitigate for your carbon faster than the lifetime of the trees, for example in 10 years, you will have to plant many more.  We calculate that to mitigate for 1 tonne of CO2e in 10 years you will have to plant 55 trees now.

Moor Trees is planting more and more trees each year. With your help we can help you reduce the impact of your carbon footprint and create new woodland on Dartmoor and South Devon.

If you need to calculate your carbon use scroll down the page to the calculator or click here


Thank you for choosing to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint by purchasing trees for us to plant.

You can pay using our secure online payment system, or by BACS, or by sending a cheque.

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The Climate Crisis and Moor Trees

The carbon emissions of our modern society are the principal cause of the climate crisis.

Growing trees lock up carbon from the atmosphere, releasing it only slowly as they die and decompose on the forest floor. Whilst it may not be possible to truly ‘offset’ all carbon emissions by planting trees – as many millions of trees, growing at an impossibly rapid rate would be needed – planting trees can be part of the solution.

Planting trees can be of enormous benefit, to both people and wildlife. Moor Trees creates new woodland in and around Dartmoor – using native species such as oak, birch, holly, alder and hazel – from seed collected locally and grown in our nurseries. The UK is largely deforested, with only 13% forest cover, and only half of this is made up of our broadleaved native woodlands. Your contribution will help to replace some of the lost woodlands of Devon.

As they grow and mature, our new native woodlands lock up carbon, help to prevent flooding, provide habitat for precious woodland wildlife and, by expanding the area and connectivity of woodland, gives wildlife better chance of adapting to climate change.

By supporting Moor Trees, you’ll not only be creating new woodlands, but helping bring people together. Our volunteers carry out a range of activities, from collecting local seed and growing these into saplings in our nurseries, through to planting them out during the winter.

Individuals and companies can take action to reduce and/or offset their carbon footprint and help us plant trees to help reduce the impact of those emissions that are unavoidable.

How can I calculate my carbon?

Once you have calculated your carbon use, go to the PayPal cart to purchase your trees and then complete the form that follows it.  Remember, 2 trees per tonne of CO2e are required.

You can also follow this link to find a calculator for small businesses, but it requires you to create an account.

Firstly, work out your carbon footprint using the calculator opposite. Based on this, you can make a donation to Moor Trees, which provides us with essential funds to create new native woodlands. You can also volunteer with us – we have a range of activities that suit most ages and abilities.

The amount of carbon sequestered by trees can vary according to species, local climate, how wide apart they are planted, soil type and, importantly, how long they are left in the ground for. The trees we plant are expected to be there forever, although we cannot guarantee this as our plantings are on private land. Nevertheless, there is a “Spirit of Agreement” between landowners and Moor Trees that the new woodland is intended to reach maturity and become a permanent feature of the landscape.

The Forestry Commission estimate  that, on average, a new Moor Trees native woodland captures 480 – 530 tCO2e/ha after 50 years, and 625 – 700 tCO2e/ha after 100 years. At our planting densities of 1,100 trees per hectare, we estimate that 2 trees will take up a tonne of CO2e at maturity (50 – 100 years).

In other words, if a family produced 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum, they would need to plant 20 trees each year as part of our native tree mix. The basic cost is £7.50 per tree (£15/tCO2e).

So how much carbon can trees lock up?

Cumulative total carbon sequestration of Moor Trees woodland planting (tCO2e/ha)

Upland mixLowland mixUpland mixLowland mixUpland mixLowland mixUpland mixLowland mixUpland mixLowland mix
5-10 years5-10 years10-15 years10-15 years50-55 years50-55 years100-105 years100-105 years150-155 years150-155 years
These figures are taken from the Biomass carbon lookup table and are above and below ground biomass, i.e. the whole tree. Forestry Commission. November 2019.
Assumptions. Planting at 1100 stems/hectare. 3m spacing. No thinning. Low yield class.
Forestry Commission lookup tables. Used Oak for Oak; Used Beech for Hornbeam; Used Sycamore/Ash/Birch for all other species. Spindle, Alder Buckthorn and Guelder rose excluded as small species and values inadmissible as advised by Forestry Commission.


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