Seasonal tasks


January – March
Tree planting at various sites around South Devon, with up to 7,000 trees to be planted
We will also be working in the nurseries on Tuesdays – lifting trees and lining out seedlings.

Finalising any planting, taking down the tea tent and generally tidying away until next winter. Some previous planting sites will need a bit of TLC to ensure the trees are growing well.
Nursery beds will require digging and clearing ready for the next lot of seedlings.
This year we will be carrying out improvements to the huts at both main nurseries, so we will be looking for handy carpenters!

Seed gathering season. Various groups will be out in the countryside, picking and gathering berries and seeds. These will then need to be processed and stored suitably, or planted straight into the ground.

We will start planting once the trees are dormant, sometimes mid-November. Lots to plant this year at a range of sites so the more the merrier!