Why volunteer?

Collecting seeds, growing trees and planting woodlands is fun, hard work, sociable, sometimes in glorious sunshine and sometimes wet and cold, but always rewarding.

Volunteers are an essential part of Moor Trees.They are at the core of what we do and achieve – and without their help, our work would be not be possible.

We were founded by volunteers in 1999 and today they are still at the heart of our work.

Voluntary work

Over 200 volunteers make a huge contribution each year, – some volunteering once and some every week.

They take part in all aspects of our environmental work, including:

  • Collecting seed from mature native woodlands and caring for the seedlings as they grow.
  • Developing our tree nurseries by creating new planting beds and tending the young trees
  • Planting trees to create natural woodland on and around Dartmoor
  • Developing skills with a range of tools, used to manage recent planting sites and developing woodland

Who can volunteer? We have volunteers from under 16 to 75+ years old. They come from all walks of life and the work they do can be tailored to their skills, interests and circumstances. We have regular groups on a Tuesday afternoon in South Devon and provide minibus transport from Plymouth every Sunday to join our work teams.

As a volunteer, you will be welcomed and able to learn more about woodlands and Moor Trees

A little time makes a world of difference

You can give as much or as little time as you like, occasionally or regularly. You can volunteer as:

  • an individual, to suit your own free time, as little as one occasional afternoon or every week.
  • part of a corporate team building day
  • a satisfying way to keep you active mentally and physically in retirement
  • a stepping stone towards a conservation career
  • a means of keeping fit and healthy
  • a way of meeting new friends

We have regular activities on Tuesday afternoons and Sundays.  There is a minibus from Plymouth on Sunday.  Use our contact form to let us know that you might be interested in joining us.