Have you got land that;

  • is of limited use for agriculture?
  • or once supported woodland that you would like to restore?
  • or you would like to plant for woodland as a long term commitment to nature conservation and amenity?

A natural woodland is a fantastic addition to any farm, smallholding or small estate.

Native trees:

  • Are self-managing; no need to worry about looking after grazing stock or constantly dealing with the bureaucracy of the state
  • Look great in spring when the blossom is out, provide cool shade in the summer and a range of autumn colour
  • Support lots of wildlife, from dormice to butterflies
  • Provide a real legacy for future generations

Moor Trees has worked with many landowners over the last 10 years, providing free trees and volunteers to plant them.

We can guide you through the grant systems to get the funds for protecting your new trees from deer and rabbits.
We can also advise on other aspects of managing your land – meadow creation, ponds and streams for wildlife – and what sources of support there are.

In many cases the whole project can be delivered at no cost to the landowner, depending on scale and location.

Why not call and discuss your ideas with us? We can make a ‘no obligation’ site visit and explain the various options available.

Use our contact form, or call us in South Brent and ask for Adam Owen.