Although our region seems to be well wooded, much of the forest is commercial softwoods, Victorian game plantations (often made up of trees from elsewhere in Europe, such as sweet chestnut) and shelter belts.

True natural woodland, carpeted by bluebells or daffodils in Spring, rich with native birds and butterflies, is rare, mostly found in the steep valley fringes of Dartmoor.

Established in 1999, Moor Trees is a Devon-based charity dedicated to recreating native woodland across Dartmoor and south Devon, and increasingly helping projects around the Tamar valley and beyond.

We aim to restore native broadleaf woodland,by growing trees from locally collected seed in our community tree nurseries, and planting them as new woodland on private and public land.

Each year we collect tens of thousands of local tree seed to grow in our community tree nurseries. These trees are provided free of charge for woodland planting and restoration schemes.

We provide relevant information regarding grant applications and woodland design, and free planting by our volunteer groups.

We build biodiversity by working with local people. Every year we work with hundreds of volunteers of all ages and abilities. We have won various national volunteering awards and run at least three activity days per week. We work with various partners in and around Dartmoor, the City of Plymouth, and the South Hams.

We are also developing research, education and training programmes with partner schools, colleges and universities.

Milestones to 2017:

  • 75,000 trees planted, over 77 ha
  • Management of 22 woodland and 2 tree nursery sites
  • 28 successful woodland grant applications from 56 landowner enquiries
  • Approx 8000 acorns collected each year, plus seeds from a further 13 other species, including Hazel, Alder, Birch, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Holly, Spindle, Ash, Alder Buckthorn, Field Maple and Guelder Rose
  • Over 840 tree dedications
  • Almost 3,000 volunteer days each year