About Us

Dartmoor was once a much more forested landscape, thick woodland coating the valleys and lower slopes, flourishing with wildlife. The steep river valleys connected this woodland with the coast and the sea to unite a vast range of native species that could spread freely across the ancient countryside.

The area today is a tapestry of landscapes, defined by man over thousands of years, supporting a fascinating range of wildlife. Although we can never re-create the primeval forest, there is much that can be done to help restore the balance between open moorland and the rich, wooded valleys.

We want to bring to life the story of how people and communities connected with the historical woodland, and enable them to re-engage with trees and natural environments.

We operate around the region, but are focused on Dartmoor and South Devon.
Volunteers, community groups and local businesses, support our mission to enhance the forest heritage and restore natural and native character woodland, by:

¨    Advocating native forest re-creation, bringing attention to the loss of the natural environment and working with others to restore that heritage.

¨    Designing, planning and creating high quality woodlands, and associated habitats, for individuals and communities, using our extensive team of volunteers.

¨    Collecting local provenance seeds to grow in our community tree nurseries.

We also:

¨    offer free advice and trees to individual and corporate landowners

¨    provide management services for restructuring woodlands, facilitated by our volunteers.