Welcome to Moor Trees

We plant trees. Not just any trees, but natural, native trees, trees that have been part of the English landscape for thousands of years.

We grow them from locally collected seed in our own nurseries, nurtured by lots of local volunteers and then used to recreate woodland that has become a rare sight in the countryside.

We are always looking for landowners, mainly on Dartmoor or in the South Hams, who are keen to provide parcels of land, both small and large, where they want to create a legacy for the future. This land is often marginal for farming or no longer profitable.

Everyone can take part – we offer tree dedications for weddings, birthdays or perhaps as a gift in a will, from single trees to copses or whole woodlands!
We are also contacted by people wishing to leave a gift in their will, something lasting, something that their families can enjoy well into the future.

These woodlands are also offsetting some of the carbon that we all produce as part of our modern lifestyles – the miles we drive, the foreign holidays we take, and the food and energy we consume. We do not promise a complete carbon replacement – this is simply not possible, but it’s a start.

We offer many opportunities to volunteer, to help us in this work. Caring for the trees in our nurseries and planting them on site is physical work, a great way of getting fresh air and exercise. Often we are joined by whole families, keen to get involved in something together.

We are lucky that many grant giving organisations and companies understand and support what we are trying to do and we get backing from a range of sources. But we are always looking for partners to help us with our work.

Find us on Facebook at Moor Trees

Our members and supporters might be interested in this………..

The Dartmoor Society Debate 2016: Return of the Wildwoods? Is Rewilding the future for Dartmoor?

Saturday 29th October, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Meldon Village Hall near Okehampton, EX20 4LU (SX 560924)

This year the Dartmoor Society will debate what Rewilding might mean for Dartmoor. How could the needs of farming be balanced with the creation of more space for wildlife and perhaps different kinds of wildlife? What might be the result if trees replaced open moorland or cultivated fields? Would a ‘wilder’ landscape lead to greater biodiversity and would this be a good thing for the flora and fauna that currently inhabit the moor? Could archaeological features be preserved and access be maintained? How would Dartmoor’s farming culture change, and how have recent conservation strategies already forced farmers to adapt to a form of rewilding? Where would recreation and tourism fit, and how might all this affect people who live and work on Dartmoor?


  • Open to the public – non-members welcome.
  • Please book by Friday 21st October.
  • Members: £17.00 each.
  • Non-members: £20.00 each.
  • Includes coffee, buffet lunch and tea.





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